Bring the outdoors in this Christmas

So I think I speak for everyone when I say thank god this year is nearly over. After an awful year thanks to the current circumstances i'm so glad to finally see the back of it. That being said I don't think we would have ventured outside as much as we have this year without this pandemic. So there is always a silver lining.

We were challenged by Create & Craft TV over on instagram to venture outside to our local woods and walk collecting things in the woods to create a Christmas masterpiece! We obviously jumped for joy at the challenge!

We headed to our local woods, we go there pretty much every week, its just so nice to get outdoors for some fresh air after being stuck indoors for the majority of the year. We like to let Evie run around exploring the different textures and its so nice especially in the autumn with the chestnuts and leaves falling off the trees. We took a basket and collected things that we thought we could use to make our chosen masterpiece. Evie absolutely loved playing in the leaves and sticks. I think we came home with leaves more than anything.

So to start we decided to make a wreath and with some lovely things provided from the gang over at @createandcrafttv this made it possible.

So I wasn't too sure how to actually make a wreath so don't follow all these steps if you know how to make one.

Firstly I used some green florist tape that I had stashed in the house from previous crafts, I used this to cover the whole straw wreath so that it was green.

I collected all of the bits that we gathered and popped them into their own piles. I used a mixture of leaves, flowers, and red berries. Now im no pro at this but to get them onto the wreath I just decided to make bunches and you can either tie them on with string or use the florist tape which I used (I used the glue gun supplied for things like oranges and sticking on the berries). I used the lovely Gold ribbon supplied by @createandcrafttv to create a loop at the top of the wreath to be able to hang it on our door.

Now finally the finished look, although I'm no professional I'm super happy with the outcome of our wreath.

** In collaboration with @createandcrafttv **


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