Janod Lagoon Maxi Cooker -Review

Become a little chef with the lagoon maxi cooker! The perfect fully equipped kitchen for your little youngsters. With 15 accessories your children will be cooking away alongside you in no time!

The Accessories that are included are as follows:

  •  set of pegs for hanging 3 metal spoons

  • 1 metal saucepan and lid

  • 1 metal colander

  • an oven glove

  • a fried egg

  • 7 cardboard food boxes (cacao, sugar, orange juice, pasta, cheese, milk and rice)

It also has a fridge, oven, hob and microwave. The hob has led lights and sound effects that switch off automatically after 30 seconds or if you press the button a 3rd time.

The Janod kitchen arrived packaged in a big cardboard box protecting the original outer branded packaging. I opened the outer packaging and inside revealed a fully protected flat pack kitchen complete with bubblewrap. I emptied out all contents of the box and placed them out flat on the carpet. I did this to help separate the parts so I could easily distinguish what I needed next. I found the instructions and started to build. I found it quite difficult to work out what screws were what and also what parts were what this could have been easily helped if they were labelled saving me and extra 30 minutes off of the building time.

Once all the screws were separated into their own little pots I began to make a start finally. The instructions were a bit difficult to follow when trying to know which part was what. It didn’t give detailed instructions just a little diagram of the parts together. After a good couple of tries, I found screwing the screws into the parts separately before attaching together was a good move, this enabled the screw to make the desired fit before having to try and pop it together with hassle. you need to put a little pressure on the screw when screwing in so that you can make the screw thread to the bit of plastic that keeps it in. After all this I was away with building until I finally got to the last bit attaching the kitchen to the fridge and boy if you’ve got small arms you’re fine but if not its a tad difficult, you’ll be fine if you prescrew the screw holes before hand but if you don’t you may find it fiddly.

We finally added everything together and set it up in its spot and I can tell you the quality of it is amazing, its solid! we chose to send it to the grandparents as Evie can share with her little cousin Callum while they are there together when me and my sister-in-law are at work. Best move straight away Callum was hooked and alongside the little accessories that came with it he added his little play toaster and the plates and cups that he already had there. We were having a ball! he absolutely loved that he could fry and egg and serve it up for his granddad. Evie was mesmerised with what Callum was doing.


  • 15 accessories

  • solid wood – good quality

  • colourful

  • sound effects

  • packaged well


  • Hard to build alone

  • Instructions not very clear only diagrams

  • could do with labelled parts for ease

Overall the Janod Kitchen is the perfect present for your soon to be little chef. we would fully recommend and has been approved by Callum and Evie as an amazing addition to the household!

Don’t forget you can take a look at the kitchen from Jonod themselves or the kitchen is available to buy from HelloBaby for £199.99


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