SilverCross Coast – Product Review


We were lucky enough to try and test out the new Silver Cross Coast in Flint. When I was pregnant with Evie, we searched and searched for the right pram and eventually settled with a Mothercare pram. I always had my eye on a Silver cross but never really got the chance to fully delve deeper into what they were like. Being able to test this pram is everything and more, it helps so much and is 10x easier now, not having to switch the pram from car to car and obviously the Mothercare has taken a backseat considering the Silver cross is everything a mum could dream of.

Packaging and Assembly

The Coast was delivered very quickly and arrived in perfect condition, which you would expect for the price. As we very slowly and carefully unboxed every aspect of the pram we began to notice how well packaged it actually was. The pram itself was protected very well anything you think of had a protective cover. The chassis, carrycot and tandem seat came out as one big bulk and the wheels and everything else came packaged separately. We found the instructions and popped it all together. We didn’t really use the instructions much when building as it was pretty simple and easy enough to do. However, when finding the accessories like the mosquito net, there wasn’t any instructions as to how to attach it properly. When reading the instructions, we found out that not only is this pram a single pram but it is fully adaptable into turning into a double pram if you buy an extra tandem seat and the adaptors. It also comes included with 3 years warranty.

First Outing

We decided to first test the Coast in an environment which most people go to. The Shopping centre! We ventured into lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock. We knew we needed a day trip to fully test the pram. On first note we thought we would struggle with putting the pram in the boot as it’s not a small pram and we only have a Ford focus. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong the prams openness chassis when laying down helps to put the carrycot and tandem seat in the boot of the car with still enough room for a couple of bags of shopping. With our Mothercare pram we can only get the one-piece in. I like to wear flip flops A LOT but the downside to our Mothercare pram is when putting the break on it is hard to get it back off as this would hurt my foot, however with the Silver cross it’s not just merged into one brake. The brake is separate to the release, which I adored because it means I can wear my flip flops and be lazy and not have to bend down to release the brake. We found that on a shopping spree like this it was super handy to have a big underneath storage which I can tell you came to use and cleared my hands of having to carry anything. We loved the fact it came with a cup holder, this came in handy, I love to carry my water around with me and because it’s in a straw cup putting this in my changing bag would mean it would leak everywhere, the cup holder just attaches to either side of the pram and you can stick any drink into it including a baby bottle with handles.

With Evie only being 4 months old we actually managed to be able to test the carry cot too. As you can see she still has plenty of room in it so we can still get plenty of use. We use the carrycot mostly when she is having a nap or is tired as she loves being able to look around so the tandem seat comes in handy. You can use this for naps anyway as it reclines to 3 different positions. We love the fact that it has a spf50+ hood and pull out visor this is perfect for the mini heatwaves were having at the moment. The mosquito net comes in handy when visiting the beach and evening trips to keep all the bugs out.


We loved the Silver cross pram but have noticed a couple of cons. With the Flint colour, the chassis scratches pretty easily, getting in it and out of the car it slightly scratched the chassis (not majorly noticeable) also the number of accessories you get with the pram you would expect there to be something that either comes with it like a little bag or a buyable add on item to attach to the pram. Something other companies offer already. We also noticed that the little window on the back of the pram (peep hole) doesn’t stay open very well. For the price of the pram it’s also a shame that you don’t get the cosy toes free, it’s quite an expensive add on item.


Although it does have a few downfalls, there is no doubt in my mind that this pram is perfect for everyday use. We have loved being able to use this and will continue now using this pram for future outings and adventures. It is definitely worth every aspect of the price and the details that have gone into making this pram are amazing. We would recommend this pram to any new parent having to make that tough decision of a pram.


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